Automatic Tracking for QuickBooks Online Users

EzzyBills does Automatic Tracking for QuickBooks Online users – support the tracking of Class, Customer, Location and Project. 

Summary: When Ezzybills processes an invoice,  tracking information can also be extracted as long as such information is available on the invoice, or there are other data that can help us determine the tracking information.

In three ways, EzzyBills does job tracking for QuickBooks Users

  • Method 1: User assign ClassCustomer, or Location during approval
  • Method 2: EzzyBills automatically determine the tracking.
  • Method 3: Tracking Project    (step-by-step guide on Project Tracking)


Method 1: set tracking during approval

  • Enable Approval Workflow

    You will have the option to choose one-level or two-level (2-people) approval process.

  • At the time of approval (Email approval or web), fill in the tracking code ( such as Class, Customer, or/and Location) and then click Submit.  

Notes: Here, you can specify more than one tracking codes ( such as Class and Location),  type them in separating them by a vertical line (|), which is a key on your keyboard, commonly  above the “Enter” key).

See an example below (where “Export” is Class, and “Kingscliff Hills” is Location)

Below is an example of the bill exported to QuickBooks, with class and location, as specified above.

Method 2: auto tracking class, customer & location

1) Class: working from the Tracking Keyword in EzzyBills Settings
For example, a trucking company wish to track trucks. On the bill, there is wording this below:
Truck Number: Truck A1
(Here “Truck A1” is one of the classes in QuickBooks.)
Then in EzzyBills Settings, under Advanced Options, the following tracking keyword will need to be set. Click Save Settings afterwards.

2) Customer: working from the Tracking Keyword in EzzyBills Settings. If the customer is not found, or there is no keyword to indicate where the customer is, you can use the Invoice To address block
In this example here. The customer is specific in the invoice with the following wordings:
Note: Property of 135 Sydney Street
Here, “Property of 135 Sydney Street” is one of your customers in QuickBooks.
Then the tracking keyword setting should be.

3) Location: working from the Tracking Keyword in EzzyBills Settings.  if not found, or there is no keyword to indicate where the location is, use the Invoice To  or Deliver To address block.

To enable the Invoice To address block, you need to enable in Custom settings: adding “INVOICETO” or “DELIVERTO” to the TrackingType (see screenshot below)


Method 3 Project Tracking

Click this link for details