“Enable Review” – Post Review for QuickBooks Users

QuickBooks Online does not have folders in the Expense area. Everything was in there.

  • In order to help our QuickBooks customers, EzzyBills has an additional workflow, called Enable Review. You will find it in EzzyBills Settings. It is a post review, after the bills being sent to QuickBooks.

To enable it, Login EzzyBills, click Settings, tick setting above and click Save Settings.

After you upload a batch of bills (or on weekly basis), click Search/Approve top menu, then Waiting For Review tap.

You will see all bills you processed (could be more than one page – 10 items displayed per page by default. You can change that up to 100 items per page)

  • click the QuickBooks short-name¬†link to review in QuickBooks,
  • then select the bill and click Close Review button to close the review.
  • typically you will do this in a batch, or on a periodical basis, such as weekly or monthly depending on the number of bills you process.30