Connect EzzyBills App from QuickBooks Online

1. login to your QuickBooks Online account

2. Click “Apps”, then enter “EzzyBills”, choose “EzzyBills”


3. Click “Learn More” (to be redirected to EzzyBills website)

4. Click “Free Trial” and follow the steps through.

5. Login to EzzyBills (you shall be be logged in automatically), and then click the “Connect To QuickBooks”.

6.  Click “Authorize”. Now EzzyBills is successfully connected to your QuickBooks account.


It is important to do some simple testings as shown below. Please email or call us if you need any assistance.

7. To test, select or drag/drop one or a few supplier invoice files. Or email invoices to the EzzyBills email account you see on the login page.

8. Wait for the processing to finish for the test invoices. You will see invoice tiles appear, showing the processing status of each invoice. When it is done, click a link “QBO”  button on the tile to open it in your QuickBooks Online account.

9.  In your QuickBooks account, these invoices will show under Expense. (We can process sale invoices. Read our online documentation on how to set up for processing sales invoice.)