Set up an EzzyBills account for QuickBooks Online

To sign up a new EzzyBills trial account,

visit www.ezzybills.com, and click “Free Trial” button to sign up for a new user account.

To connect your new EzzyBills account with your QuickBooks Online account,

  • Login to EzzyBills and click the “Connect to QuickBooks” button to connect EzzyBills with QuickBooks. There will be a pop-up window from QuickBooks to authorise this connection. You may need to disable the Pop-up blocker on your web browser or use a different browser.
    (If you cannot see the button, click “Apps” and then click the QuickBooks Icon. Below it, disconnect and then reconnect again.)

 See Screenshots

  • Alternatively, if you are already logged into QuickBooks Online, Find and Setup EzzyBills App when you have logged in to QuickBooks.

See Screenshots