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FAQ for QuickBooks Online Users
(Please also check out FAQ for All Users)

Q1. What does EzzyBills support for QuickBooks users at the moment (April 2017)

(We will add more features soon)

1) Locations: for Australia and UK at the moment (we will add support to USA and New Zealand soon).

2) Bills, expenses and sale invoicesNew.

3) Item codes are not supported yet.

4) Job tracking is not supported yet.

Q2. How to get correct suppliers

Keep Suppliers’ data up to date in your QuickBooks Online account for suppliers, with

a) a correct ABN number (set for “Business ID No“)

b) bank details (set for “Account no”)

Provide My ABN in EzzyBills user settings (so that we will not identify your company as a supplier)

Q3. How to obtain correct GL codes

GL codes vary by company. We use your QuickBooks suppliers’ data and invoice history to determine GL codes (ie. “Account” column in Xero).  To have GL codes automated, you shall in QuickBooks 1) keep suppliers’ contact data up to date, 2) include a ABN number for each supplier, , and 3) correct the GL code if it is wrong on an invoice (most likely from a new supplier) – it will be right next time for similar invoices.

Q4. How to ensure correct invoice numbers get extracted

We use your QuickBooks suppliers’ data and invoice history to help find the correct invoice numbers. The success rate are generally very high. If a wrong invoice number is assigned, all you need to do is: correct this number in QuickBooks and save. EzzyBills will do it right next time for invoices from this supplier. You may need to click “Refresh GL” in the EzzyBills user settings if you want EzzyBills to see the change immediately.

Q5. How to change user setting? 

To change, login to your EzzyBills account, and move the mouse over your username and expiry date button, and click “Settings”.

After making changes, make sure to click “Save”.