Xero billings

Pricing plans to use EzzyBills, via Xero billings

(Exclusive of GST)

Note: for Xero billings, you will need to go to your Xero to manage your subscription. Our EzzyBills team have no access to your Xero billing.

How to pay subscription?

If you start EzzyBills trial via Xero, you will have 14 days free trial, with a document limit of 100. After the trial expires, you will receive an email notification. To subscribe:

  • login to EzzyBills (go to your Xero, then click the app launcher icon, choose EzzyBills).
  • click “Buy” menu.

You will see the pricing plans (first screenshot on this page). Choose a plan and pay. Please note that the first 3 plans, Small, Medium and Large, are for single company only.

  • choose a plan – click “Select plan”, then “Confirm plan” to pay.

How to use multi-company subscription?

You shall use “Multi-Company 50” or “Multi-Company 100” if you want to share subscription with multiple Xero companies.

To do so,

1. Login to the first xero company, go to EzzyBills via App Launcher 9-dots icon. Once in EzzyBills, click “Buy”, and choose “Multi-Company 50” or “Multi-Company 100” and pay.

2. login to EzzyBills for the first Xero company, click “Settings”, click “Add New Account to …” to create all other EzzyBills accounts (once each time – connect to the corresponding xero company). These accounts will be covered by the subscription for the first Xero company you set up.

How to manage subscription?

To view/change xero billing details:

1. Login to Xero, go to “Setting” > “Connected Apps” > choose “EzzyBills”

2. Click “App Store subscription“.

  • You can update payment card details here (screenshot below).
  • Click EZZYBILLS to view and manage subscription.

Here you can manage your subscription: view or change etc. For example, to upgrade, click “Change subscription”.