Xero billings

Pricing plans to use EzzyBills, via Xero billings

How to pay subscription?

If you start EzzyBills trial via Xero, you will have 14 days free trial, with a document limit of 100. After the trial expires, you will receive an email notification. To subscribe:

  • login to EzzyBills (go to your Xero, then click the app launcher icon, choose EzzyBills).
  • click “Buy” menu.

You will see the pricing plans (first screenshot on this page). Choose a plan and pay. Please note that the first 3 plans, Small, Medium and Large, are for single company only.

  • choose a plan – click “Select plan”, then “Confirm plan” to pay.

How to use multi-company subscription?

You shall use “Multi-Company 50” or “Multi-Company 100” if you want to share subscription with multiple Xero companies.

To do so,

1. Login to the first xero company, go to EzzyBills via App Launcher 9-dots icon. Once in EzzyBills, click “Buy”, and choose “Multi-Company 50” or “Multi-Company 100” and pay.

2. login to EzzyBills for the first Xero company, click “Settings”, click “Add New Account to …” to create all other EzzyBills accounts (once each time – connect to the corresponding xero company). These accounts will be covered by the subscription for the first Xero company you set up.

How to manage subscription?

To view/change xero billing details:

1. Login to Xero, go to “Setting” > “Connected Apps” > choose “EzzyBills”

2. Click “App Store subscription“.

  • You can update payment card details here (screenshot below).
  • Click EZZYBILLS to view and manage subscription.

Here you can manage your subscription: view or change etc. For example, to upgrade, click “Change subscription”.