How to set up an Enterprise Plan

Enterprise Plan is a subscription plan that can be shared by multiple companies of unlimited number.  It is very convenient and economical! It is ideal for accountants and bookkeepers. More on benefits of Enterprise Plans.

The technical process will include setting up a group account with EzzyBills, including a primary account and other accounts for your clients.

  • Each account (primary or other) will have its own username, password, and upload email (like, which is assigned by EzzyBills to each account based on username).
  • Your client can login to their own account.
  • As a primary account holder, you will have access to all your clients’ accounts.  To access, login to the primary account, and with a single toggle on the top right corner of the window, you can switch to any account in your group.
  • Purchase subscription from the primary account, choosing from the Enterprise Plans on offer. The subscription will be shared by all your accounts and you can find out how many invoices are processed by each account via our web portal and bill them accordingly.

The step-by-step guide is shown below.

1.   To set up from scratch, you need to

  • Sign up an EzzyBills account, to use it as the primary account.
  • Login into the primary account, go to Settings
  • Click Add New Account to ‘Your Primary Account’ Group in the Settings window, and follow the prompt to sign up a new user for the group

  • Repeat the above steps to create more EzzyBills accounts under your primary user group (one account per company)

Now you have a primary account, if you login to the primary account, you will see the full list of EzzyBills accounts under your group, at the top of the page. Toggle to access any of the accounts.


2. To buy an Enterprise Plan, to be shared by the primary account and all other accounts in your group

  • Login to the primary account
  • mouse over the blue button with your user name and password -> click “Buy Subscription”. Then follow the prompt to choose an Enterprise Plan and payment options of either credit card or Paypal.  If you are not sure which plan to choose, choose E5 to start with. When the quota for this plan is used up in a few months, you simply buy another plan of your choice -by then you will know which one is most suitable.

To see the quota usage of each account, login to the primary account, go to Settings, and click “Show Usage”.

You will see the usage of each account like the following screenshot below – An example of usage below:


3. To move existing individual EzzyBills accounts to your Enterprise Plan group

If you have several EzzyBills accounts already for your clients or businesses and you wish to join them together to an Enterprise plan, do the following

  • Choose one primary account, or set up a new primary account
  • Login to each of the other non-primary accounts, click Settings, scroll down the Settings window to the bottom, type in the primary account user name beside the “Join Group” button, then click “Join Group“. The primary account user will receive an email – click Yes to allow it.

  • Repeat above step for each of the other non-primary accounts.
  • Login to your primary account, you will have access to all the accounts under your group at the top right corner of the screen. Click to toggle to any of them.  Make sure to close all exiting Settings and View/Approval window before you toggle to a new account, to avoid confusion.
  • If you have not purchase any subscriptions for any of the account, simply login to the Primary Account, mouse over the blue button with your user name and password -> click “Buy Subscription”. Follow the prompt to choose an Enterprise Plan.
  • If you have purchased individual subscription plans and wish to upgrade to an Enterprise Plan, please email us. We will advise you to purchase a new Enterprise Plan from your primary account, and then we will manually refund your unused quota factored in the usage history and the subscription period that has elapsed.


Note: you do not need to have an Enterprise Plan to set up a group account – to have the primary account to access all your clients’ accounts. 

The main additional advantages of Enterprise Plan (over a normal group account) is that you can share subscription quota, and become an EzzyBills partner.