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The EzzyBills partner program rewards you with a range of benefits.

  • For our partners, all subscription plans on the Pricing page can be shared by an unlimited number of companies!
  • You and your customers will get priority support!
  • Any extraction and workflow customisation will be free of charge.
  • You will be promoted by EzzyBills on our Website, Newsletters and Posts!
  • Use EzzyBills HQ account to manage all of your clients (Find out more)

If you purchase an EzzyBills Enterprise Plan,  you will become an EzzyBills partner and enjoy the full benefits of being an partner.

  • There are other pathways to become an EzzyBills partner. Email support@ezzydoc.com for more info.
  • Partner program is also available for training and software integrators.

Be part of EzzyBills! 

Your practice can earn units in EzzyBills Unit Trust. To be eligible, you need to be a certified EzzyBills partner, having more than 20 active clients using EzzyBills for more than 6 months.

EzzyBills Unit Trust will represent 20% of the value of EzzyBills when EzzyBills is sold or become a public company.

Contact us 

Please email support@ezzydoc.com for questions, help or register your interest in EzzyBills Unit Trust.

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