Tech Updates

Date: 8-Feb-2018

  • New feature, for Xero users only: option to export bills into Xero as “Draft”, “Awaiting Approval” or “Approved”.

A new EzzyBills setting “Exported Status” is added for this feature. The default is “Draft”.

Date: 15-January-2018

  • New feature, for Xero users only:  export item code to Xero based on description matching.

Previously if you enable ‘Allow Stock Invoices’ in EzzyBills, EzzyBills will try to export item code of each line on the invoice if the item code exists in your Xero account; if the item code does not exist we will leave it blank.

Now with the change, if we do not find the item code existing in your Xero account, we will try to find a suitable one based on description matching.  If no matching is found from description match, we will leave it blank.

This is very useful if the item code on the invoice is different from the one you use in Xero; or item code is missing on the invoice.

If you add new item in your inventory in Xero, you will need to click “Refresh GL” in EzzyBills Settings so that EzzyBills will see the change you made in Xero immediately; otherwise, EzzyBills will ask for inventory item data from Xero once a week.

Date: 5-November-2017

  • New change, for MYOB users only, to matching a bill with existing purchase order (PO):  1) We compare the PO with the bill and if the totals are within 30% or the lines are approximately 80% the same then we will assume that the PO is Fully receipted and convert the PO to BILL (basically, updating the Order with the bill details). Previously we required a 95% match.  2) We also added an option to bypass the check and always convert PO to bill. All you need do is add the phrase   ezzymatch;   to the Jornal memo of the PO.  These were done to address customer comments.

Date: 1-November-2017

  • Deep learning algorithms have been refined and expanded during the last few months.  Now if EzzyBills customers  make changes in the invoice data in their account packages (such as Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks), EzzyBills will use this information to inform our invoice data extraction engine to learn from its past and improve upon it. The learning targets key invoice data such as invoice total, tax amount, and invoice number etc.

Date: 31-October-2017

  • For GL account code determination, EzzyBills has been using artificial intelligence to provide the most likely account code for your invoice.  We also support different account codes for different lines of an invoice.  The data that we are using for artificial intelligence include
    • Your past invoice data for description matching;
    • Default Account Code for the Supplier,
    • If none of above yield any suitable account code, we will guess account code for you ( such as most commonly used expense code, and best guessing for each supplier based on your invoice history).

(The last one is one of options in EzzyBills Settings; it is on by default.  If you un-check this option, we will leave the account code blank if we cannot find description matching and supplier default account code. This is only applicable to MYOB users. For other users, this option is always on.)

Date: 31-October-2017

  • For Xero users, when invoices are exported to Xero, EzzyBills now sends to Xero two files as attachment: the invoice file and the notes.  The latter contains the processing logs and approval logs.  We intend to improve the notes in the next few months to include comments/requests coming from our customers.

Date: 27-October-2017

  • When you forward an email to your EzzyBills upload email, if your invoice file is not shown as attached, not as a hyperlink, rather as a web address (such as, without being hyperlinked), we now support this.
  • In summary, if an invoice coming through via email, we now support the invoice file as
    • an attachment (PDF or images – one or multiple files)
    • within the email body,
    • as a pdf file downloadable via a hyperlink,
    • as a pdf file downloadable via a web address

Date: 24-September-2017

  • For expenses/receipts already paid by any of your company credit cards or bank accounts, EzzyBills now supports that you email them over to EzzyBills and we will export them into Xero as “Spend Money”.  If your EzzyBills upload email address is ***@***, you will need to email them over to ***.####@***, where #### is the last four digit of your credit card or bank account number.  It is so easy to use it with the CamScanner mobile app.  More on how to use it.

Date: 21-August-2017

  • For supplier identification (or customer identification on a sale invoice), EzzyBills now uses the alternative name in your Xero and MYOB contact details in addition to the company name, email, phone numbers, and bank details.   How to use it.
  • EzzyBills customers now can view their subscription history and download past EzzyBills subscription invoices, in Settings – Purchase History.
  • EzzyBills customers now can view and change the email address for their EzzyBills account (not the upload email), in Settings – Advanced Options – Your e-mail (click Save afterwards).
  • When exporting a purchase invoice to Xero, EzzyBills marks the matching PO as billed” and copy over the account code and tracking data from the PO to the bill.  Read More

Date: 19-July-2017

  • EzzyBills integrates now with Google Drive – pulling invoice files directly from your Google Drive Folder called “EzzyBillsUpload” and moved the processed invoice files into “EzzyBillsDone”.  Go to EzzyBills Settings to set up the connection.
  • Support to sale invoices has been added to QuickBooks users.
  • For Approval Process, we now support two-level approval process.
  • For Approval Process, the button “Add Note” has been added on approval emails. Your note will be recorded in the EzzyBills log.

Date: 8-June-2017

  • For QuickBooks Online (QBO) users, we just added a link in the EzzyBills message window and View/Approve window, which you can click to see the invoice in your QBO account.

(Note that the link only works if you have logged into the correct QBO account.)

Date: May-2017

  • For Xero users, we added the support for EzzyBills to mark purchase order as “billed” if EzzyBills exports an invoice to your account and found a matching PO.  More
  • Two new features with item invoices were added for MYOB users: default item code and supplier purchase layout checking.  More
  • New option is supported for Xero users: you can now attached additional files to the invoice in Xero (in addition to the invoice file), such as a delivery notes.   More

Date: 30-April-2017  EzzyBills has been integrated with QuickBooks Online!

  • EzzyBills is now available to QuickBooks Online users! It is a staged release. Currently it is available to only Australian users, but will expand to other locations soon. It supports bills (suppliers invoices), not sale invoices yet. More

Date: 10-April-2017  Customer Key and Reclassify

  • A new user setting is created for sale invoice processing: Customer Keywords The default keywords we use are “Sold To” or “Client” or “Invoice To”. If your sale invoices contain keywords different from the default, you can now specify them in the EzzyBills users settings – under the advanced option. This will ensure the accuracy of customer identification. More
  • A new feature/tool “Reclassify” is now available in the View/Approval window. This feature is for those document that come through emails and for some reasons they have been classified as “non invoices”. With this new feature, you can reclassify them as invoices and manually put in the data.   More

Date: 20-March-2017  on EzzyBills Supplier Portal

  • EzzyBills supplier portal is now in the production.  The drive for this development is to allow suppliers to use a portal to submit invoices to you. When using supplier portal, the invoice data will be extracted by EzzyBills and the supplier can verify/modify the data before submitting.
  • The supplier portal can be on your business website or sent to your supplier as a web-link via email.
  • The supplier portal can be customised to ask for supplier’s input of their email, bank details, and description/note.
  • An approval address can be included in the portal so that the invoices will be sent to the right person in your company to approve.
  • EzzyBills supplier portal is powerful, versatile and make differences to some of your business.

Date: 13-Feb-2017  on user interface

  • EzzyBills user interfaces are now unified for XERO and MYOB users. Now the only difference is the button “Sent to ????” button, with ???? either as “xero” or “MYOB”.
  • Nearly all features available for XERO users are also available for MYOB users – with only one exception – “Invoice Headers Only”.

Date: 15-Jan-2017  on sale invoices

  • Sale Invoices are supported by EzzyBills for MYOB users (as well as for XERO users).
  • See the instruction before 1st-time use: MYOB Sale Invoices

Date: 15-Dec-2016  on View/Approve

  • log” is a newly added link,  in the View/Approve user interface.

Click it to see what have occurred to an invoice.  It is very handy – such as to find out who has approved the invoice.

  • “Not For Me” is a new button in the approval email.

Clicking this button will put the invoice back in the queue for another person to approve.

  • Re-process”  is a new button in the approval email, only for when the default approval email is set in the EzzyBills User Settings.


Date: 11-Dec-2016  on user Settings

  • Change in the user interface for EzzyBills user Settings – open user settings in a separate tab.


Date: 28-Nov-2016

We have evaluated Cam Scanner mobile app for scanning receipts. Thumbs up for using it with EzzyBills. Steps for setup and tips to use are:

  • Download the App to your phone, install and start the App
  • Add your EzzyBills upload email address (*) to Cam Scanner.

under “Setting” -> “Doc Export” -> “Email to Myself”

  • Scan receipts, in single mode, B&W, scan multiple in one go and email to myself as a JPG file.
  • Find out more


Date: 17-Nov-2016

  • All receipts will be exported to Xero/MYOB wth Due Date equal to the Invoice/Receipt date.
  • Support for a contact default tracking for Xero users (Eg. If a supplier has default purchase tracking info set, then this will get added to the invoice/bill in Xero. This will override other tracking algorithms.)   More on XERO Tracking


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