Newsletter October & November 2017

Another amazing two months here at EzzyBills!

Since XeroCon Melbourne and London, we’ve been inundated with new trials.  Welcome new users onboard of EzzyBills!

Our partner program has received so much interests – Enterprise Plans for unlimited number of accounts are very popular.

Also we are adding more sophisticated intelligence to our invoice extraction engine – they will learn more from what you do and better serve you every time.

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EzzyBills is now on LinkedIn, a great channel to communicate with our existing and future customers!


Tech Highlight –  Intelligence with GL account coding automation  

For GL account code determination, EzzyBills has been using artificial intelligence to provide the most likely account code for your invoices. We also support different account codes for different lines of an invoice.

The data that we are using for artificial intelligence include

  • Your past invoice data for description matching (on a line level);
  • Default Account Code for the Supplier, and
  • The the best alternative if the above does not yield a suitable one.

The hierarchy above is generally followed.

For MYOB users, you can un-check the last option in your EzzyBills user Settings for this one. If un-checked, the first 2 options will only be used.


Deep learning is hitting the target:

Deep learning algorithms have been refined and expanded during the last few months.

If EzzyBills customers make changes in the invoice data in their account packages (such as Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks), EzzyBills Deep Learning will use this information to inform our invoice data extraction engine to learn from and improve upon it.

Our ongoing technical development in Deep Learning will have significant benefits for our clients, enabling them to create customized learning process for their unique sets of invoices. Deep Learning is making EzzyBills even smarter.

EzzyBills New Features:

Several new features were added during the last two months. Visit, under More -> Tech Updates, you will find the list new features added recently.

Tip of the Month: line item extractions

By default, EzzyBills will attempt to extract line items on the invoice if there are there.

Line items are very useful as they will contain detailed descriptions, quantities, unit prices and GST etc. for each item of your purchases/sales. Line items are critical if you track inventory in your accounting package.

How to ensure the line items to be extracted consistently?

  • No hand writings on the paper invoices before scanning them in.
  • Scans need to be high quality to ensure reading all the lines.
  • (for Sale invoices) Use common used column headings.
  • Ensure item codes exist in Xero/MYOB if you wish them to be extracted for inventory tracking (make sure turn on the Settings “Allow Stock Invoices”)

For a specific supplier, if line items are still not extracted after you have followed all the tips above, contact for assistance.

If you wish not to have line items for all your invoices, you have an option to choose “invoice header only”. This setting will apply to all your invoices.

 2. EzzyBills Partner Program

At XeroCon Melbourne and London, we announced the EzzyBills Partner Program.  One of the key benefits is enable you to have one shared subscription among unlimited number of your customers. Convenient and economical! From the primary account, you will have access to all your clients’ account.

3. Updates on Conferences

Next conferences on the horizon that EzzyBills will exhibit are:

  • MYOB INCITE (multiple places in AU and NZ), throughout Februry 2018.
  • Accounting Business Expo,  21-22 March 2018, at ICC Sydney
  • AccountEx, 23-24 May 2018, at ExCeL London.
 Free tickets for the last two conferences. See you there.

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