Newsletter March 2017

Welcome to the EzzyBills Newsletter for March 2017!

In this issue, we provide updates on recent change to sale invoice processing and information on a new EzzyBills feature “reclassify”. Then we talk about automatic email forwarding and useful links on how to do it on different email systems. Lastly, we introduce the EzzyBills “Supplier Portal”.

1. Recent Changes to sale invoice processing

“Customer Keywords” is a EzzyBills user setting. If you process sale invoices via EzzyBills, it might be necessary to provide one or more keywords (comma separated) that EzzyBills will use to identify your customers.

This setting is in the advanced options. Once in the EzzyBills user settings, you will need to click the down arrow beside the “Advanced Options” to expand. Type in the keywords.

In the example below, the keyword is “Agent”.

Without “customer keywords” provided, we will do the following:

If your invoice contains “Sold To” or “Client” or “Invoice To”, then we will extract the Name near these keywords, and match it with one of your customers in Xero/MYOB. If we can’t match a customer then we will create a new customer. If your invoice does NOT contain these keywords, then we will search the top 1/3 of the invoice, looking for a name that matches one of your customer contacts.

With “customer keywords” provided, we will do the following:

We will replace the default keywords (“Sold To” or “Client” or “Invoice To”) with the ones you provide, and use these keywords to find the customer (if we cant find the customer we will follow the same fuzzy matching logic as above).

2. New feature “Reclassify” in the View/Approve window

When EzzyBills processes incoming emails, and we determined that the email (or attachment) was not an invoice (for example it might be a a “statement”), then EzzyBills would classify the document as a non-invoice and send the document to blob storage.

With this new feature “reclassify”, you will be able to reclassify this as an invoice and manually enter the invoice data.

In the View window they will appear with a dark blue colour (with a link “Reclassify”)

If you click on the Reclassify button, you can manually enter the Invoice data (including selecting one of your suppliers from a list or entering a new supplier). For Receipts you should enter Receipt as the invoice number (or leave blank).

3. Email filter and automatic forwarding

We are often asked about how to set up email filter and automatic forwarding to EzzyBills for invoices that suppliers email in.

We looked into this in several commonly used email systems. For Microsoft outlook the instructions are here, .

For Gmail,  you will find Detailed Instructions on How to Set up Gmail Filter and email Forwarding .

4. EzzyBills Supplier Portal

EzzyBills Supplier Portal is a widget that you can add to your website or email to your suppliers.

This allows suppliers to upload invoices directly into your accounting package. Your suppliers will validate the extracted invoice data prior to submitting.

You can also configure it to request additional information. And if you use the EzzyBills’ Approval Process, you can specify who should approve the invoice via the portal.

Click here to find out more on EzzyBills supplier portal.

What is happening in conferences:

EzzyBills exhibited at the Accounting Business Expo at Sydney on 21-22 March 2017. We were very thrilled to meet face to face with many of our customers. Thanks for great feedback, we love to hear that EzzyBills is working well for you.

For our new and future customers, thanks for your great interests and hope the trials you have started are working really well. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to give us a call or email us.

Next we are going to

  • XeroCon Melbrourne 2017 on 13–14 September, at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC).
  • XeroCon London on 4-5 October 2017 at Excel London.


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