Newsletter June & July 2017

Welcome to the EzzyBills Newsletter for June & July 2017!

This issue covers the new EzzyBills features that have been added in the June and July. There are loads of them: sale invoice support for QuickBooks users, Google drive integration and two level Approval Process and more.

In this issue, we also provide a list of support resources that you can use whenever you have EzzyBills question.

Lastly this issue covers a topic on general business productivity and upcoming accounting conferences.

 1. New features supported by EzzyBills

New Feature 1:

Google Drive and EzzyBills Integration is now ready to use. Now you can upload invoice files to an folder called “EzzyBillsUpload” and they will be automatically uploaded to EzzyBills and moved to “EzzyBillsDone” folder. Find out more

New Feature 2:

QuickBooks Online integration is now ready for both Australia and United Kingdom. It supports both purchase and sale invoices. Sale invoice support is new.

New Feature 3:

Change in connect/disconnect user interface to your accounting package

For new users of EzzyBills, when you first login, you will see a button for connect to Xero/MyOB/QuickBooks. Click the button and follow the prompt to authorize the connection. Once it is done, the button will change to “Send to ####” button (where #### is your accounting package name).

If your EzzyBills account loses connection with your accounting package, the “Send to ####” button will turn red into “Connect to ####” button.

The most likely cause of losing connection to your accounting package is that the user that authorised the connection has lost its account or privilege in your accounting package.

Also there is a disconnect button in EzzyBills user setting under the “Advanced Options” for Xero & MYOB.

For QuickBooks users, the disconnect button is located in the quick access area in the user Settings (login to EzzyBills, move mouse over the blue button with your user name and expiry date – you will see the “Disconnect QuickBooks” button.

New Feature 4:  in EzzyBills Approval Process

  • EzzyBills now allows “Add Note” during email approval. Your notes will be recorded in the EzzyBills log.

2. How to get the best support for EzzyBills

In EzzyBills, we have several levels of support resources that you can use:

  • Web support with online documentation on  There are 3 top menus: “Xero Guide”, “MYOB Guide”, and “QuickBooks”. There are a lot of similarity among them. For those common ones, they will be under “Xero Guide”.
  • For each web guide above, we have a FAQ page.
  • Don’t forget “Search” button on our website.
  • Don’t forget the Videos we have under top menu “Video”.

  • For new EzzyBills features, always check “Tech Updates” under the top menu “More”.

  • For current and past newsletters, use Newsletter link under top menu “More”.
  • If you want to talk to or email us, you will find our phone number and email on our website under “Contact”.

3. Secrets to improve business productivity

We all have our own secrets to increase business productivity. Here we share some of ours with you.

Automating key business processes is on the top of our list. In EzzyBills, we automate payment, subscription, and of course invoice extraction processes for you. Therefore we can focus on product development and customer support that needs to be hand on.

For business accounting, moving to cloud accounting with EzzyBills invoice automation has cut down time to manage bookkeeping for ourselves and for our customers. For numerous times, our clients told us how EzzyBills have saved time for them. Two EzzyBills clients’ remarks are most striking and we would like to share with you: “EzzyBills saves me 8 hours a day”, and “I have only processed several invoices, but EzzyBills have already saved hours for me”.

Processes are very important for all business. Before we adopt a business process on a company level, the productivity of this process shall be reviewed and weighed in your decision making. Otherwise, it can be painful and costly for the process to be adopted.  As an employee, we may have a workable process for doing things fast and better – write it down and follow it.

For routine work, having the habit to write notes can really help improve our productivity, especially for those tasks that we do not do it often and therefore it is hard to remember how to do it exactly. Such notes do not have to be wordy to help you remember things.

Set up a fixed schedule and routine in business is so important. It will take stress out of you and improve your business productivity.

4. What is happening in conferences:

We have signed up for exhibition at

  • XeroCon Melbrourne 2017 on 13–14 September, at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC).
  • XeroCon London on 4-5 October 2017 at Excel London.

This is a very exciting time. We cannot wait to meet new and existing users face-to-face, providing live demo as we always do at exhibition.

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