Newsletter Feb-2017

Newsletter February 2017.

Welcome to the third EzzyBills Newsletter!

In this newsletter, we will go over the options in EzzyBills user settings,  followed by the public release of the EzzyBills API, summary of recent Tech changes and our next trade show in Sydney.

Through our newsletters, we hope to help you make the best use of EzzyBills.

All About Options in EzzyBills User Settings

EzzyBills has many options in user settings. Correct usage of these options will make EzzyBills very powerful and versatile. When mouse over an option, you will see a short description of this option. This is very handy.

1) For a typical user that only have supplier invoices to process, we recommend you to type in your ABN/GST/VAT number in the text box for “My ABN/GST/VAT No”. This is to avoid identifying your business as the supplier. In addition, you may wish to tick “Check for Duplicates”.

2) Note that the only option ticked in the default setting is “Auto Separate”. This is set as default because many users tend to send us invoice files with multiple invoices in a file.

3) If you do have issue to Auto Separation for some invoices, you can choose to un-tick this option and make sure each file contains only one invoice.

4) Remember to click “Save” each time when you change user settings.

5) If you wish to use EzzyBills Approval process, you shall tick “Enable Approval Workflow”. With this ticked, all invoices will be waiting for your approval before sending to Xero/MYOB. This is a very powerful tool. EzzyBills provides direct and email approval processes. To find out more, check out User Guide on Approval Process and Dec 2016 News Letter.

6) If you wish to process both sales and supplier invoices, generally you should not tick “Accounts Receivable”. With this option ticked, all invoices will be processed as accounts receivable. Instead, you shall use one of the advance options (click the down arrow to expand): “Auto-detect Accounts Receivable Keyword”. The “Auto-detect Accounts Receivable Keyword” shall be a text/number string that appears on your typical sale invoices but not supplier’s invoices.Your bank account number is generally a good candidate.

7)Note: to see the advance options, click the down arrow to expand. Below are some of the advanced options.

8) If you do stock management on Xero/MYOB, you tick “Allow Stock Invoices”. With this, we will extract item codes for each line item. Find out more on stock invoices.

9)If you do not want line items extracted from your invoices, you tick the option “Invoice Header Only”. So you will only get invoice total and total GST, not individual lines.

10)By ticking “Check for Duplicates”, EzzyBills will check invoice numbers for duplicates. If a duplicate is found, the invoice will be sent to your Xero/MYOB account, but marked as “deleted”. An email notification will be sent to you as well.

11)In the above screenshot, you can see some of the Advanced Options.

“Auto-detect Accounts Receivable Keyword”:  discussed earlier in 6).

“Your invoice email”: ignore this one generally. If you wish to know more, hover you mouse over it to see a short description.

“Default Approver Email”: if you use EzzyBills Approval Process, by supplying an email here, all approval will be sent to this email .

“Perform Image Cleanup”: this option is on by default. OCR is better done generally with option turned on.

“Override Purchase Keywords” and “Purchase Order Keywords” are used for job tracking. Find out more on Job Tracking for Xero and Job Tracking for MYOB.

EzzyBills API

In preparing for Accounting Business Expo at Sydney in March this year,  EzzyBills has made its API available for third parties. With this, EzzyBills can be integrated with other accounting packages other than Xero and MYOB. It can also be integrated with other Xero and MYOB addons. Find out more on EzzyBills API.

Recent Tech Changes

  • User interfaces for Xero and MYOB are now unified. A great step forward for our accountants and bookkeepers.
  • For stock invoices, we made a change recently for Xero users. If the first line has item code, we will treat this invoice as a stock invoice. For any subsequent line, if the item code is new and not in Xero, we will export the invoice to Xero, but with the item code empty. Previously we will fail the invoice and send you an invoice.

What is coming up:

EzzyBills is getting ready to exhibit on

  • Sydney on 21-22 March 2017 to attend Accounting Business Expo at Darling Harbour International Convention Centre.

See you there and then in person!