Newsletter December 2016.

Welcome to the first EzzyBills Newsletter!

It is a great pleasure to present you this special 2016 Christmas edition to highlight new EzzyBills.

EzzyBills management and staff would like to thank our customers for your great support during 2016 – thank you for believing in EzzyBills!

We wish you, your family and friends a very best relaxing holiday season ahead!

Recent Changes in Approval Process

Not For Me” is a new button in the approval email. Clicking this button will put the invoice back in the queue for another person to approve.

Only applicable if the advanced EzzyBills user setting “Default Approval Email” is not set.

This is for an organisation with multiple people to approve invoices, to be used for the following two situations (no requirement to log into EzzyBills):

  1. If the wrong one is sent to one approver, he/she can simply click “Not For Me”.
  2. If the approver wants the invoice to be on hold.

Take care not to click “Reject” for the above situations. “Reject” will terminate the workflow for an invoice. No “re-processing” can do done.

“Re-process”  is a new button in the approval email if the Default Approval Email is set in your EzzyBills User Settings. “Re-process” is also a new button in the View/Approve window.

If EzzyBills chooses the wrong supplier, then you can make the following changes to your accounting system,  and then click “Re-process”.

  • create a Contact with a valid ABN number (or add supplier payment bank details – for only special cases when ABN on the invoice cannot be extracted).
  • or modify your supplier name so that it more closely matches the name on the invoice,
  • or fix the contact if it has the wrong ABN number.

If nothing has changed in your Xero Contact list, “Re-process” will not make a difference in picking the supplier.

“Re-process” will only process the supplier again, nothing else.

On the View/Approve window,

  • If the Default Approval Email is set, click “Re-process”, a message will pop up to let you know that it is waiting for approval from xx@xx. Click “OK” to terminate the email approval. After that, a new email will be sent to the same person – the first email will still be there, but the buttons will become invalid.
  • If the Default Approval Email is not set, click “Re-process” will trigger another attempt to find suitable supplier for you.

Now EzzyBills supports the following options of Approval.

  1. Direct approval:
    How to set it up: Tick the “Enable Approval Workflow” user setting; Approve/Reject in the “View/Approve Invoices” window, or Approve in the main app window in the message box.
  2. Email approval: two options  Find out more

Cam Scanner: recommended free 3rd party mobile app

Among all 3rd party mobile app, Cam Scanner stands out to be the best: it is free, with small image files and fast email upload, and very easy to use. Cam Scanner will automatically choose a boundary on the photo for your receipt but allows you to drag to modify – this is important for high accuracy.
Setting to use: single mode, Grey Mode, scan multiple receipts then “email to yourself” together to save time, make sure to choose image file format (jpg). With the “single” mode, each receipt will be sent as a separate file so that there will be no need for a further step of auto separation. B&W will produce a small image file and is easier for character recognition.

Tip: make sure to take a clear image! Also be sure not to write on receipt/invoice – such as a line cross over saying “paid” or “checked”. Watch out when you walk out the Bunnings – last time I did, a gigantic “CHECKED” was stamped on the receipt right over where the total amount is – Ouch!

Other Recent Tech Changes

  • All receipts will be exported to Xero/MYOB with Due Date equal to the Invoice/Receipt date.
  • Support for a contact default tracking for Xero users (Eg. If a supplier has default purchase tracking info set, then this will get added to the invoice/bill in Xero. This will override other tracking algorithms.)
  • Add “log” (what happened with the invoice) to the “View/Approve”
  • Bank information is extracted off the invoice and use this information to identify the supplier in Xero. Find out more
  • Add support for Singapore users

Now in the ‘View/Approve’ window, you will see a log for each invoice. It is very handy – such as to find out who has approved the invoice in your organisation.

In View/Approve, the last message in the log will be displayed on the tile for an invoice. Any other messages sent out by the Invoice Processing Engine are contained in the log.

Best Practice of the Month: Get Supplier Right

How to get right suppliers nearly all the time? It seems to be a difficult task, but in reality it is not. In Australia and New Zealand,  ABN/GST/VAT numbers are generally on the tax invoices and receipts – So it will be the most reliable way for EzzyBills to identify a supplier.

The best practice would be on your Xero Contact list, make sure every supplier has a ABN/GST/VAT number correctly set. It is best to have have no space in the number . With this single best practice, most your suppliers will be identified by EzzyBills correctly.

In Xero Contact list, for a supplier, it is also the best practice to provide a default GL code (default purchase account).

For invoices without ABN/GST/VAT or the number is difficult to read (such as inside a logo), additional methods are used to help identify the supplier. One method is for you to add the supplier’s bank details, BSB and account number, to your Supplier settings in Xero (see snapshot below) under Financial Details -> Batch Payment. EzzyBills will extract the bank details from the invoices and find the matching supplier. Bank details do not have to be added to every supplier, only to those with known difficulty to extract ABN/GST/VAT number.

If it is a new supplier, EzzyBills will the ABN/GST/VAT number to look up for business name and this will be used and a new supplier will be created in Xero.

EzzyBills also does other things to identify the suppliers, but above are the best practice to get the correct suppliers, in the name you prefer (a ABN/GST/VAT number may have multiple business names, and the one used on your contact list will be used).

Find out more  and FAQ for Xero Users, and FAQ for MYOB Users

What is coming up:

EzzyBills will have a exhibitor booth at the following trade show

  • Melbrourne on 15 Feb 2017 to MYOB INCITE roadshow at Melbourne
    Convention & Entertainment Centre
  • Sydney on 21-22 March 2017 to attend Accounting Business Expo at Darling Harbour International Convention Centre
  • XeroCon London on 4-5 October 2017 at Excel London.

See you there and then in person!

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