Email Invoices to Your Accounting Software

with invoices as attachment, in-body document or hyperlink
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Email Invoices to Xero, QuickBooks, MYOB 

When you register a new EzzyBills user account, we will be allocated an email address like You email invoices to that address. They will be extracted by EzzyBills and sent to your accounting software directly by default, and you will find it in your accounting software in just a few seconds.

For you, equivalently, you email invoices directly into Xero, QuickBooks Online (QBO), MYOB or any other accounting software we support. No more data entry.


What do we process from your emails? 

  • invoices in an email as attachment. If the attachment are small, such as company logo, we will ignore them.
  • If there is no attachment, we look for hyperlink to an invoice
    1. Only if there is no attachment, we will look for hyperlinks
    2. Only in PDF format, hyperlinked documents will be processed
    3. We assume only 1 hyperlinked document per email.
    4. Only 1 level of indirection will be supported (ie. email links to PDF is fine; email link to a webpage that returns the PDF as a web response will work; email links to a (static) web page which then contains a link to the online document will be ignored).
  • If none above, we will look for invoices within an email body (only there is no attachment, no hyperlink PDF).

Email processing will involve document classifications, and only invoices will be exported to your accounting package.  We will not process supplier statement or order confirmations as invoices; instead they will be stored in EzzyBills only (type: blob).

Nearly every email we receive will get processed, and therefore incur a charge.

Other ways of uploading bills or receipts

In addition to emailing,

  • you can login to EzzyBills web portal, drag/drop or select files from your computer.
  • you can use EzzyBills Phone App to scan paper document
  • Connect your Google Drive (we will pull invoice files from your Google Drive), or
  • Connect your Dropbox (same as Google Drive)

Our email processing is fast

It takes only a few seconds to process your email.

  • By default, we will process them as bills, and directly export them to Xero or other accounting software.
  • You can use email aliases, which are described below, to upload other types of document.

Email Sale Invoices, Receipts and Expense Claim

Using Email Extension to upload


Good practices:

  • You can manually forward emails to this address, on the go.
  • If your company has a dedicated AP email account, you can automatically forward your AP emails to EzzyBills with rules.
  • Option to use EzzyBills Email Sync and email rules. (Email rules are applicable for both email upload and email sync)