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EzzyBills is one of the accredited access points of E-invoicing, registered with Australian Taxation Offices.
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What is E-invoicing

Electronic invoicing (or e-invoicing) is the automated digital exchange of invoice information directly between a buyer’s and supplier’s.

E-invoicing document are sent and received by a shared network, and the document must meet the common e-invoicing standard – which is Peppol in Australia. These two aspects of e-invoicing make it a more efficient way for invoicing.

Australian Taxation Office is purshing for e-invoices within the commonwealth government and are consulting on options for mandatory adoption of e-invoicing across all levels of government and by businesses. Find out more on ATO e-invoicing page.  


EzzyBills is E-Invoicing Ready for you

Ezzybills, trading as EzzyDoc Software Pty Ltd,  is one of the accredited access points of E-invoicing within Australia, registered with Australian Taxation Office (ato.gov.au). EzzyBills is fully ready for sending and receive your “E-invoices” now.

  • EzzyBills will be able to send and receive your e-invoices.
  • One place to process all your invoices, regardless the formats (e-invoices, PDF files, scans, email in-body receipts).
  • Invoices data will be extracted and exported to your accouting software. Account codes and item codes will be automated for you.  Just the way you would want.
  • No additional charges for EzzyBills customers


How to enable and receive your e-invoices?

Login to Ezzybills, click Apps on the menu, you will  see Peppol e-invoice app. All Ezzybills users need to do is to enter their ABN number and click ‘Add To Network’ and they will now be ‘on the network to receive e-invoices from suppliers.

Anyone on the network can then send e-invoices to you. These invoices will come into your EzzyBills account and processed as a normal supplier invoices, or according to your workflow.