Set Tracking Data at Approval

As a user, you can specify tracking data (tracking options) at the time of invoice approval via email or login to our web portal.

To do so, you will need to enable Approval Workflow, following steps below (Find out more on Email Approval)

  • Login, click Settings, turn on the Enable Approval Workflow .
  • (optional) Click Advanced Options to expand. set Default Approver Email address if you have only one person in your company to approve the invoice.  (If you have multiple people to approval invoices, Click here for more on Email Approval)
  • Click “Save Settings

Then each invoice will be waiting for approval before exporting to your accounting software. At the time of approval (email or web login), you can click Modify – you will be directed to a browser window. You can specify Tracking Option there.

  1. In the box for “select one or more tracking options”, you can select one or multiple tracking options.
  2. If “New Tracking” is ticked, you can manually enter the tracking option(s) in the box below.

Please note

  • For Xero users, all the tracking options are listed. The tracking category is not listed for each option – it is up to you to make sure it is obvious to your team members which tracking category each belongs to.  So they do not select two options that belong to the same tracking category.  If you have two tracking categories, you would want your team to select one from the Xero tracking category 1 and another one from the Xero tracking category 2.
  • For MYOB users, you will only need to choose one job from the list.
  • For Xero users, if you do not want EzzyBills to create new tracking options at all, you should login EzzyBills, click Workflow, click the “Xero Export” workflow task in the middle box, move mouse outside the box and scroll down and copy/paste/edit this setting. Click Save below the setting box.

Examples that are exported to Xero

  • For example, if tracking option 11184 is selected, it will be exported to Xero like this below:

  •  You have selected two Xero tracking options (Xero tracking Settings example).  Or manually enter two tracking options (for each: Tracking Category followed by Tracking Option):  “Job 11184 State NSW”, or “Job 11184 | State NSW”. Then it will be exported to Xero like this bill below.