Cases: extract data from the invoice for job tracking

Tracking Keywords in the EzzyBills Settings are used to extracted certain customized user data. It can be an customer number, or job number for tracking, or delivery address, or any other data you would like EzzyBills to extract from the invoice.

To use it:

login, click Settings, then click Advanced Options to expand. Type in the text box for Tracking Keywords.  Separate multiple keywords by comma. Click Save Settings on the top left.

Below we show two cases on how to use these Settings to get tracking data.

Case 1:          Simple – Use Keywords

In this example, you would like to extract the “Customer No” 1438 and use it for job tracking.

Step 1: login EzzyBills, click Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down the Settings window, click the “Advanced Options” to expand. Type in “Customer No” in the text box below. And click Save Settings (top right of the window).

With the above EzzyBills Settings, when the invoice above is uploaded to Ezzybills for process,  the number “1438” will be extracted and exported to Xero, in the Reference field after the pipe symbol (|) behind the invoice number. If this number, which shall be 1438 in this example, is extracted incorrectly, modify it in Xero. Next time EzzyBills will learn from this change and know what data to extract in the future.

In the testing phase, you will need to click “Refresh GL” in EzzyBills Settings whenever you would like your changes in Xero be seen by EzzyBills immediately. Otherwise, it is done once a week.

Case 2:          More Complex – Use Keywords and Correct past Xero invoice data

In this example, you would like to extract delivery address. The address has many lines, you would like to extrac “PH-GLENWOOD PARK”.

Step 1: login EzzyBills, click Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down the Settings, click the Advanced Options to expand.  Type in “Delivery To” in the text box for Tracking Keywords. You can have multiple keywords, separate them by a comma. Click Save Settings.

New: you can replace the steps 3, 4 and 5 with a EzzyBills workflow task “Set Tracking”, in which you can upload a csv containing two columns of data: tracking data on the invoice and tracking data in Xero.

Step 3: Process an invoice with this delivery address and then modify the invoice in Xero, for the Reference field from “1189 | 1927” to “1189 | PH-GLENWOOD PARK”. Save the invoice in Xero.

Step 4: In EzzyBills Settings, click “Refresh GL” (EzzyBills will see the changes in Xero immediately instead of updating weekly)

If you process another invoice with “Delivery To” address as “PH-GLENWOOD PARK”, EzzyBills will extract the right PO information for you.

Step 5: If you process another invoice with “Delivery To” address as “PH-EAGLE STREET” or other different addresses, you will have to go through the step 3 for each address.