Infer tracking data from your invoice history

Quick Summary for this method,

  • A text block is extracted from the invoice file

– based on the Tracking Keywords you put in the EzzyBills Settings.

  • A Xero tracking category is associated with this text block.

– The association is established in your Xero invoices, first by You. Once it is established, EzzyBills will use it.

  • EzzyBills check the Xero invoice history when exporting an invoice to Xero and use such association to automatically set Xero tracking data.

The text block from the invoice can be any stand-alone text block (project number, customer number, or delivery address, anything you specify a keyword for).

An Example Below:  (Click here for more case studies)

A user wants to track invoices for different “region”. Such information is not directly available on the invoices, but it can be inferred based on “Customer No”.

Step 1: Change EzzyBills user Settings  –  provide keyword(s) for tracking data extraction  (Settings -> Advanced Options – > Tracking Keywords)


Step 2: Upload the first invoice with the Customer No 1438 (only do this once for the number 1438).

EzzyBills shall extract the text block 1438 from the invoice, and export it to the XERO bill as the second number in the Reference field (after the | symbol).

For example, in the Xero bill below,

    – the reference number is set as G947512 | 1438.

    -The first field, G947512, is the invoice number, and the second field, 1438, is the Customer number.

If 1438 is not in the reference field, edit the reference field so that it shall look like the bill below. And back in EzzyBills Settings, click “Refresh GL”.


Step 3: Edit the Xero bill in step 2 to fill in the track data. In this example, 1438 is for West Coast. And back in EzzyBills Settings, click “Refresh GL”.

(In Step 3, You establish the association between text block “1438” and region “West Coast”.)


Step 4:  None needs to be done.  Just to explain: Afterwards, when you upload other invoices with Customer Number 1438, EzzyBills will populate the tracking data of “Region” with ‘West Coast’.

Step 5: You will have to repeat step 2 and 3 for each pair of tracking data: 1438 -> West Coast; 1439 -> East Coast;  1287 -> North; 1456 -> West Coast.

Alternative to steps 3 – 4,  If using API, you can upload all the pairs of data directly to EzzyBills. Or you can login to EzzyBills, click “workflow” and add an additional workflow task: set tracking – upload a csv file containing all the pairs of data.


  • All lines in an invoice will have the same tracking data.
  • If you change the data in the tracking field for an invoice in Xero, you need to click “Refressh/Learn” in EzzyBills (Login to EzzyBills, under Settings). This way, we will see your changes immediately. Otherwise, it is done once a week.
  • To help EzzyBills extract the correct number (such as Customer No/Job Number/Account Number), you can set the “Tracking Keywords”  (Under the user profile setting -> Advanced Options ->Tracking Keywords)
  • In the past (before July 2018), EzzyBills used “Purchase Order Keywords” for tracking. To ensure backwards compatibility, this is still valid.