Case Study: Using EzzyBills to Save Time on Stock Management

Watch the Video: Stock Management is made easy with EzzyBills


  1. Stock items are physically received on site and receipted into inventory. Delivery note is cross checked against the actual goods received. Delivery note is then signed by authorising manager.
  2. Delivery note is then scanned into the computer system and saved on a network drive, labelled using the supplier name, PO# and date as identification.
  3. Supplier then sends PDF invoice to the company’s EzzyBills upload email, which is automatically identified within the Ezzybills system ready to be sent for manager approval.
  4. Within the EzzyBills approval screen, the accounts\finance team will have the option to browse and attach the applicable delivery note to the supplier’s invoice, and then email the invoice to the appropriate manager for approval.
  5. The email will contain the invoice and a link to the delivery note for the manager to view prior to approval.
  6. When the invoice is approved, it will then be exported to Xero and the attachments will be included (ie. attached to invoice in Xero) as stock invoices with item codes.