Add Additional File Attachment – in the Search/Approval window

In addition to the invoice file,  you can upload extra files to Xero as attachment.
Find out the 3 methods EzzyBills supports.

Method 1 is below:

  • EzzyBills Settings: the Enable Approval Workflow setting is on, and the Default Approver Email is not set.
    When an invoice is waiting approval at EzzyBills, you can upload additional attachment files manually.
    See step-by-step instruction below.

See screen shots below for Step-by-Step Guide

See an example using this in stock management

0. Log into EzzyBills. Click Settings, then “Enable Approval Workflow” button. Click “Save Settings

1. Upload invoices.  Click “Search/Approve Invoices” then “Wait for Approval“.  Find the invoice and click Approve link for this invoice.

2. Then click “Attach File” to attach extra files,

3. If you use email approval, in the email, there is the option to attach additional files to the invoice.

4. After the invoice is approved, you will have three files attached to the transaction that EzzyBills exports to Xero

  • original invoice file
  • approval record (notes.pdf)
  • additional attachment file (at least one).