Additional Attachment to Invoices

In addition to the invoice file,  you can attach extra files to an invoice.

  • It can only be done when it is waiting approval in EzzyBills (how to enable approvals).
  • This will provide additional information to the approver in the email (or for approver in xero).

See an example using this in stock management

See screen shots below for Step-by-Step Guide

1.Log into EzzyBills. Click the “View/Approve Invoice” button.

2.Select one or multiple invoices that are waiting for approval, then click “Attach”- follow the prompt to select one or multiple files

3. (The attachment will be uploaded to the cloud storage and the invoice file will have a dotted boundary to show that there are additional attachment to it.)

4. Right click to select invoices and then click  “Approve”  to approve invoice or   “Approve By” if you want someone else to Approve.

5. If you selected “Approve By”, Type in email address of the approver, and then click “Send”

6. The approver receives an email, with links to the invoice file and additional attachment. The approver view the attachment and click “Approve”

7. In Xero, the invoice will appear with multiple attachment.