View, Search and Approve invoices


Within EzzyBills, You can view, search or approve invoices from the “View” page.

Login, click the link “Viewing/Approve invoices” at the bottom of the page. The “View” window will be display in a separate tab.



How to Select an invoice in  “View”?

  • To select, mouse over the invoice tile, then right mouse click  (A tick mark is shown on selected invoice tiles at the top right corner). 
  • Mouse over and right mouse click again to de-select

What you can do within the “View”?

  • View invoices, page by page (click “next” on the top menu for next page)
  • It shows tiles of invoice icons. When mouse over it, it will show invoice data and clicks.
  • For each invoice, move your mouse over the invoice tile, you can
    • View the original invoice document (click the “View Document” link )
    • View the invoice processing (click “Log” link – very useful when the approval process is enabled)
    • View the invoice in Xero by Clicking the “Xero” link  (not available to MYOB AccountRight users)


  • Rarely, for some document coming through to us via emails and they have been classified as “non invoice”, you will see a button “Reclassify”. Click it, this document will be reclassified as an invoice and you can manually enter the data. See more on “Reclassify”.

Search Invoices

  • you can search all your past invoices, just enter a search term such as the Supplier name or Invoice Total, anything that appears in the invoice description can be searched.

Approval Process


Menu Bar Overview:

  • Back: display previous page
  • Next: display next page
  • Approve:  directly approve select invoices
  • Reject: reject select invoices
  • Re-process: this is part of approval processes. It is used when the supplier is not identified correctly – you made changes in Xero/MYOB, then re-process before approval.
  • Refresh: to refresh the “View” (auto-refresh is not on)
  • Approve By: click to send email for email approval
  • Search: search past invoices contains the string in the box to the left
  • Ordered by: ordered the display by “Recent”, “Approved” or “Failed/Rejected”