View, Search and Approve invoices


  • Login EzzyBills, you will only see a small number of invoices (typically 10).
  • Click the “Search/Approval” top menu to view, search or approve all the invoices you have uploaded.

How to Search an invoice? 

  • You can search all the invoice header data:  supplier name, invoice number, invoice date, and invoice amount etc. Or search the uploaded file name. 

Simply type the search text in the “Enter search query” text-box.  Click Search or one of the 4 options below.
If the search query is empty, it will show all invoices.

  • Choice of “Show All“, “Waiting for Approval“, “Waiting for Review” and “Failed
  • Optional of “Include Deleted” (soft delete) and “Show Details“.

How to approve invoices?

Many approvals are done via emails – no login required. If you login to EzzyBills via web portal to approve invoices, below is the instruction for you. 

Click “Waiting for Approval“, you will see all invoices waiting to be approved, page by page. (Screenshot below)

  • Click the blue “Approve” link on each invoice (see screenshot above) to view/modify/approve invoice. A new approval window will pop up – screenshot below.

Here you can modify invoice header data, and add optional account code and job tracking, add additional attachment and write a note.

  • If you select one or multiple invoice files (tick the little box on the right), the approval options will show up (You can choose one of the actions “Approval“, “Reject“, “Cancel“, and “Approval By“)

Approval: to approval (no additional page for reviewing)

Reject: reject the invoice (the whole workflow will end. No more action for this invoice.)

Cancel: cancel existing approval action (such as if you have already sent out an email approval, the link in the email will not work anymore. So you can email to a different person for approval, or approve here by yourself).

Approval By: a new window will pop up, for you to email this invoice to someone for approval.