Disconnect a Xero Account – then Reconnect to another

Disconnect EzzyBills from Xero.

  • Login EzzyBills, Click Apps, click then click Xero logo. Scroll down the page, find and click “Disconnect“.

  • And then click the “connect” button to reconnect

4. You will be directed to the Xero login page. Type in your Xero user name and password to login (if you are not logged in yet).

5. You will be asked by Xero to authorise EzzyBills to access your Xero Data.  Selection a Xero organisation.

5.1 If the organisation to connect is grey out, please select none, and then click the “Continue with * organisations“. In the next screen, you will be able to choose.

Select a Xero organisation and click “Connect“.

5.1 (alternatively) If you can select the Xero organisation that you want, select it. Click “Allow Access” below.

6. In Settings, under “Account Settings“, view the Xero company name in “Organization“- verify it is a correct one.

7. Back in EzzyBills, click Settings, then click “Refresh/Learn” to reload data from the new Xero company (such as account codes).