Connect to Xero

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1. Login to EzzyBills. For the first time user, click the button “Connect to xero” on the Dashboard.

  • For existing users, Refresh the web browser window () if you do not see this button

  • Or click Apps on the menu, click the Xero icon, Scroll down the page and find and click the “Connect” button.

2.  You will be directed to the Xero login page. Type in your Xero user name and password to login (if you are not logged in yet).

3. You will be asked by Xero to authorise EzzyBills to access your Xero Data. Choose a Xero company account, then click “Allow Access”.

If you have multiple Xero companies, and the one you want to select is grey out. Choose none. Then click  “Continue with n organisations“. In the next screen, you will be able to choose and then connect.


4. To test, upload one invoice file – wait for it to finish. Wait a second or two, you will see an invoice tile appears, showing the processing status. When it is done, click a link “Xero”  button on the tile to open it in your Xero account.

In Xero, it will looks like below.

5. Check out Xero Get Started CheckList to optimize EzzyBills and Xero Settings.