Stock Invoices

Stock invoices or item invoices in Xero are invoices that have “item” code. With the “item” code, Xero manages your inventory. EzzyBills supports stock invoices.

1. EzzyBills Settings for Item Codes

You will need to enable the EzzyBills Setting below, in order for us to extract item codes for you.

  • login to EzzyBills, click Settings —– go to “Advanced Options”, then click to turn on the setting “Allow Stock Invoices“. Click Save Settings.


2. Item code matching

With “Allow Stock Invoices” ticked and saved, when an invoice is sent to EzzyBills for processing, we extract the “item code” and “description” for each line of the invoice. For each line item on the invoice,

  1. If the item code on the invoice file exists in your Xero account, we will export this item code into Xero.
  2. If the item code on the invoice file does not exist in your Xero account, we will look for a matching item code in your Xero based on the description – namely “fuzzy item code” . If the fuzzy item code is found, we will export it to Xero; otherwise, the item code will be left empty when exporting to Xero.

For any new item code, you will need to add the item code in your Xero account (Accounts -> Inventory, click “New Item”). EzzyBills does not create new item codes in your Xero inventory. If you want us to create new item code, read sections below.

(Screenshot 1 below is to demonstrate that item codes are exported to Xero when they exist in Xero)


(Screenshot 2 below is to demonstrate that: when item codes on the invoices are different from what in Xero, EzzyBills finds item codes by description matching. )

3. Turn on/off “Guess Item Code” setting

Guess Item Code (Description Matching) is an EzzyBills setting. If this setting is on, we will use description matching in addition to item code matching.  If this setting is off, we will not use description matching (we will only use exact item codes).


  • Description matching is to match line description from the invoice to the “Item Name” field in Xero.
  • Description matching is not exact matching, rather a fuzzy matching to find how many words that match. It is a guess work by EzzyBills.

To use Description Matching setting:

  1. Login to EzzyBills.
  2. In the navigation bar, click Settings.
  3. Scroll down, click Allow Stock Invoices.
  4. Guess Item Code (Description Matchmaking) will display and is pre-ticked.
  5. Click Save Settings button to save your changes.

How do I turn Description Matching off?

If you do not want EzzyBills to use it, just untick the checkbox and click Save Settings.

4. Allow EzzyBills to create new item code 

Default Item Code setting can be used if you want to allow EzzyBills to create new item codes for you.

To use Default Item Code setting:

  1. Login to EzzyBills.
  2. In the navigation bar, click Settings.
  3. Scroll down, click Advance Options.
  4. Type in “AUTO” in the text box for Default Item Code.
  5. Click Save Settings button to save your changes.

Note: If you do not want EzzyBills to use it, just remove the AUTO and click “Save Settings” button.

5. Tips for tidy up your item codes in Xero

In order to take advantage of automatic data entry for line items and item codes, you may want to tie up your item codes in Xero, QuickBooks, or MYOB. Use the tips below.

  1. If you want us to use item code matching: the item codes need to be exact match.
  2. If you need us to match by description:  (even though our matching is a fuzzy match, allowing some differences) you will need to keep item description similar to these on the invoice – don’t combine/split words, don’t use word variation (keep the same short-name)
  3. Important Note: from Xero, we extract the item description from the field of “Purchases Description“. If this field is empty, we will use “Item Name” in Xero for matching. See screenshot here
  4. After you make changes in Xero, if you need to upload bills immediately, please login to EzzyBills, click Settings, click “Refresh/Learn” before the upload. (otherwise, we will get new Xero data once a week.)

6. What if item codes are not extracted from a bill?

  • This may happen for bills only from a specific vendor.
  • It may happen when it is not clear which column in the table is for item code. Perhaps item codes are lumped with description on the bill. Or something else.
  • For an invoice in EzzyBills, click “Log” and then “View Invoice Data”. You will see the table data, from which you will see whether item codes are extracted.

  • Please email to, with the DocID (EzzyBills number, currently 7 digits). Then we will look into it and customize the extraction for you.

7. Item codes “Purchase Account” in Xero

If you set the default Purchase Account in Xero, for the item code. We will use it.

(screenshot below: Xero item code editing)

(screenshot below: exported bill by EzzyBills)