Stock Invoices

Stock invoices or item invoices in Xero are invoices that have “item” code. With the “item” code, Xero manages your inventory.

EzzyBills supports stock invoices, if the user profile option “Allow Stock Invoices” are ticked and saved.


How does it work? With “Allow Stock Invoices” ticked and saved, when an invoice is sent to EzzyBills for processing, we extract the “item code” for each line of the invoice.

  • If the item code on the first line exists in your Xero account, we will export this invoice into your Xero account as a stock invoice, with “Item” field filled automatically. Otherwise it will be exported as a normal supplier’s invoice (no fill in the “Item” field).







If the any of the “item code” from the subsequent line do not existing in your Xero account, EzzyBills will export the line item without item code. ¬†You will need to

  • add the item code in your Xero account (Accounts -> Inventory, click “New Item”)