Spend Money

If the expenses are paid by your company credit card or bank account, you can scan and email the receipts to a variation of your upload email address and they will be processed as Spend Money.

Example of Processing Spend Money:

If your upload email is blah@ezzybills.com,

and your last 4 digit credit card or bank account number is 8888, then

email to blah.8888@ezzybills.com.


You may have created the Bank Account for this Credit Card and set up the bank feed. The example 1 below will show the sequence of actions.

You may also set a pseudo bank account without bank feed. In this situation, EzzyBills still exports the receipt to Xero as Spend Money. Then you will manually click “Mark as Reconciled” in the Options.

Example 1:

Scenario: a restaurant bill paid on my company credit card, ending with 8671. My company’s EzzyBills upload email is jbakers5@ezzybills.com

What to do:

  • Use CamScanner (CS) to snap a photo of the receipt. Then click to “Email to myself” (I already set up on my CS with the email address) to email to jbakers5.8671@ezzybills.com)

(find out more on CamScanner mobile app – how to use )

  • EzzyBills automatically processes the receipt into Xero as “Spend Money” posted to the Credit Card account  (1 file attachment in xero, “Go to EzzyBills” file link.


— In Xero, this transaction appears under the bank account ending with 8671 in the “Account transactions” tab.



— Click this transaction to open.



  • When bank feed comes through, under “Reconcile” tab, Xero will recognise the match of amount. Click “OK” to reconcile this item.


Now the status shows as “reconciled”