Sale Invoices

Sale invoices are supported by EzzyBills with following options:

  1. Enable “Account Receivable Only” whenever you process sale invoices  (turn it off afterwards)
  2. Allow EzzyBills to automatically determine the invoice type (sale invoice vs. supplier invoice). All you need to do is, in the user profile setting, add a phrase to the ‘Auto-detect Accounts Receivable Keyword’.
  3. Email sale invoices to ###.sale@ezzybills.com, where ###@ezzybills.com is your normal EzzyBills Upload Email.

Customer Extraction

To export a Sales Invoice to your accounting software we also need to determine the Customer – See more.

Invoice Number

  • You should also ensure that the Invoice Number are unique. Your accounting software will reject duplicate sale invoice numbers
  • You have an option to use an invoice number that will be automatically generated by your accounting software (require setting change in EzzyBills. Settings > Advanced OptionsAutomatically generate Sale Invoice Numbers)

Invoice due day

we use the due date settings in your accounting software. The order is:

1.default setting for each customer;

(Screenshot Below: example of one of your Xero customers setting)

2. if not set then, overall default setting for your Organisation in your accounting software

(screenshot below: Xero, Organisation settings > Invoice Settings > Sales Invoices Default Due Date (Optional) );

3. if both not set, use EzzyBills default of 30 days.


Below is an example Sales Invoice exported to Xero by EzzyBills.

(All lines are extracted, with original invoice sent to Xero as an attachment.)

Please note that