Mobile App – Cam Scanner

We have evaluated third party mobile apps that can be used by our customers to scan receipts and invoices with a smart phone. The Cam Scanner by INTSIG ( stands out in quality of images,  easy to use, and speed of file upload.

Below are the steps and tips to use Cam Scanner to ensure the best results.

Cam Scanner Screen Shots on iPhone 

Cam Scanner Screen Shots on Android Phone

  • Download the App
  • Add EzzyBills upload email address (*) to Cam Scanner.

under “Setting” -> “Doc Export” -> “Email to Myself”

  • Scan invoices: use “single mode”** and “Grey Mode”.
  • After taking one or multiples scans, Click “…” (i.e. “More”), choose “Email to Myself”. Choose Image(JPG) format, and choose an existing email server you will send it from.
  • Click the send button in your email composer.


Explaining Notes:

*     EzzyBills upload email address: for early users of EzzyBills, it is like
**    In “Single Mode”, receipts will be emailed to EzzyBills as separate files. It is best to do it this way.

*** Grey Mode is now recommended as it has a great quality and a small file as well.