EzzyBills Scanning App for your mobile phone

Available for both iPhone and Android. Simply Brilliant!


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EzzyBills App for iPhone and Android

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EzzyBills Phone App Tutorial Video

Options to use either of the 2 modes: Not Review (default) or Review.

  • If use default, all scans will be sent to EzzyBills automatically, one page per invoice/receipt.
  • If choose Review mode, after a page is scanned, the data will come back to you for review and then send. One page per invoice/receipt.

(Screenshot for iPhone below)

(Screenshot for Android Phone below)

Options to use alias

In the Setting, you can add an alias for

  • Spend Money or Employee Expense Claim (for Xero and QuickBooks user), or
  • for the invoice to be approved

To use it, please follow this link below: