Bills processing and related PO

If you upload a Bill to EzzyBills, and there is an associated Purchase Order for this Bill, then EzzyBills will process the Bill to Xero, copy across the Tracking and Account information from the Purchase Order and then mark the associated Purchase Order as BILLED.

It works as follows: when an invoice is uploaded into EzzyBills, and there is a corresponding purchase order in Xero (same supplier, and same order number), then

1. If the amounts on the invoice and the PO match,

  • the PO in Xero will get changed to BILLED;

(If the PO is already “billed” or “deleted”, a warning message will be written to the log and also in the weekly report.)

  • the new Bill will get imported into Xero. The “Account”  code and Tracking information that is on the PO will get copied across to the Bill (matching on item codes and descriptions).

2. If the amounts do not match,

    • the new Bill will get imported into Xero.
    • assume that the PO is only partially ‘Receipted’, so leave the PO state unchanged, but copy across the relevant Account and Tracking information to the new Bill.

For example, I have a purchase order 215 in Xero

I now upload a matching invoice for this PO.


The amount on the invoice matches that on the PO,  the new Bill gets imported into Xero, with the “Account” code and ‘Tracking’ data transferred from, PO line by line.

And the PO changes status to “Billed”.