Upload invoices

To send invoices to EzzyBills for processing, you can


How to upload invoice files to EzzyBills

1. Click “Log In” link on EzzyBills website. 

2. Type in your user name and password, click “Log In”

3. Click “Select” (or alternatively go to step 5 for drag and drop invoice files).


4. Select one or multiple files, then click “Open”.  Go to step 6.


5. Alternatively to step 3 and 4, you can drag and drop invoice files from a folder to the “Drop Invoice Here” area. 


6. Wait for the upload to finish (note: uploading to our system before processing) , then click “Send to Xero”.


7. Watch the invoice processing status box to the right. When orange circle turns to green tick, the invoice process is finished. It shows summary information of each invoice. Click “Open” for any invoice. It will take you to your XERO account.

8. Review the processed invoice in your XERO account.

*Note that in the table, the column “account” contains GL code, which was determined by EzzyBills based on your invoice history. Edit them if you wish.


9. Click the link “Go to EzzyBills” on the top left corner of the invoice. It will take you to the original invoice file you uploaded .