Upload invoices

To send invoices to EzzyBills for processing, you can


How to upload invoice files to EzzyBills

1. Click “Log In” link on EzzyBills website. 

2. Type in your user name and password, click “Log In”

3. Click “Select” (or alternatively go to step 5 for drag and drop invoice files).


4. Select one or multiple files, then click “Open”.  Go to step 6.


5. Alternatively to step 3 and 4, you can drag and drop invoice files from a folder to the “Drop Invoice Here” area. 



The invoices you uploaded will be automatically processed. Each invoice will appear as one tile in the EzzyBills User Interface, with information provided on the processing status.

You can review the last 10 invoice tiles in the main UI, or click “View/Approve Invoices” link to view all past invoices.

The tile color will reflect the processing status. When light green turns into darker green, the invoice process is finished.

When mouse over the tile, it shows summary information of each invoice.

You can click three links on each invoice tile (screenshot above):

  • View Document: it takes to the EzzyBills copy of the document in the cloud storage.
  • Log: it shows processing log. Such as the source of data (email or file upload), how supplier was matched, and the summary data of the invoice.
  • Xero: it will take you to this invoice in your XERO account.

6. Mouse over an invoice tile and click “Xero” to review the processed invoice in your XERO account.

*Note that in the table, the column “account” contains GL code, which was determined by EzzyBills based on your invoice history. Edit them if you wish.


7. One copy of the invoice file will be sent to Xero. It will show on the left side of the screen along with the draft bill created in Xero. If not, click the attachment link to view the attachment.

Alternatively, click the link “Go to EzzyBills” on the top left corner of the invoice. It will take you to the copy of the document in the EzzyBills cloud storage. 

In summary, there are two copies of the original invoice (one kept in Xero and one ketp in EzzyBills). Great for document storage.