Customer Identification on Sale Invoices

Use default keywords

If your invoice contains “Sold To” or “Client” or “Invoice To”, then we will extract the Name near these keywords, and match it with one of your customers in Xero/MYOB.

Supply “Customer Keywords” in the Settings

You can provide Customer Keywords  in EzzyBills Setting: Settings -> Advanced Options ->
Customer Keywords. We will use these keywords to find the customer.


Name matching and alternative name

If your invoice does NOT contain these keywords, then we will search the top section of the invoice, looking for a name that matches one of your customer contacts. If your customer name does not match whatever on the invoice, you can put an alternative name/code in Xero/MYOB. Find out how to use alternative name.


Preventing my company being used

It is common to have your own organization in your Xero/MYOB contact list and this name will likely appear on sale invoices. To prevent this contact from being chosen you should add your ABN/GST Number to your contact in Xero/MYOB and to your EzzyBills user settings.

Use special field in the PDF

Alternatively, for a sale invoice in a PDF file, we search the file meta data for the customer: in the PDF title, extracting the customer name to right of “for”.

(to view meta data of the file opened in Adobe Reader, click File -> Properties)


note* EzzyBills will only connect to Xero/MYOB to get your customer list once a week, so if you have just added new customer, please click “refresh GL” in your EzzyBills user settings.