How it works

Invoices will be processed in seconds.

2016-10-06-logo-set_128setup Login to EzzyBills, Click “Connect to xero”. Wait and follow the prompt to connect XERO.   More
2016-10-06-logo-set_128email Find out your upload email address ( and email invoices to this address.

Invoices can be as attachment, within the email, or as hyper links.

They will be automatically processed in seconds.

2016-10-06-logo-set_128upload Drag/drop or select one or multiple files (pdf, or images), Click “Send to Xero”.

One pdf file can contains multiple invoices. The “Auto Separate” setting is on by default.

2016-10-06-logo-set_128mobile On your smart phone, download EzzyBills App. Run, login and scan!   More
2016-10-06-logo-set_128formats Supported file formats include PDF, scan or photo images (jpeg, tiff, png, …), MS Word, … Support multiple-page invoices,Support PDF/scan images with multiple invoices (auto separation)
2016-10-06-logo-set_128approval Support email approval by one person or multiple people   More
2016-10-06-logo-set_128tracking Support multiple methods of tracking   More
2016-10-06-logo-set_128search Support view and search.   More
new features Check our website for new features (done weekly); contact us if you wish EzzyBills to include new features for you.   More
contact us Contact us via email or phone us if you need any help.   More