How to Setup Private Connection

Private connection is an advanced setup option and only required if you need multiple ezzybills users to connect to the same Xero Company File.


This guide explains how to set up a “private” connection to Xero . With a private connection, you can have multiple EzzyBills users connect to the same Xero Company File.

1. Click on the blue text box that displays your username on the top right corner of the page.

2. Find the text box for “X509 Public key Certificate”, select all the text in the text box, and hit keyboard combination “Ctrl+c” to copy (these texts will be used in Step 6 to paste into Xero).

3. Click on this link: if you are not already logged into Xero.

4. Login with your Xero Username and Password.

5. In Xero under the “My Applications” tab, click “Add Application”.

6. Click the radio button “Private”. Fill in the Application Name ( “EzzyBills” is recommended). Then click the text box for X509 Public key certificate and use your keyboard “Ctrl-v” to paste (the one we just copied). Click “Save”. Now you have the new application set up.

7. Click the “Show” button to the right of the Consumer Key text box. All the text of the Consumer Key will be shown in the text box. Select the text in the text box and use your keyboard “Ctrl-c” to copy. (IGNORE the Consumer Secret)

8. Then return to the EzzyBills. Paste the consumer key (use keyboard “ctrl+v”) into the Xero Consumer Key text box. Type in the application name (such as “EzzyBills”) – or copy and paste from Xero. Then click “Save“. (Please do not tick “Accounts Receivable”, “Auto Separate”, and “Allow Stock Invoices” unless recommended by EzzyBills customer support desk. )

Now you have setup a permanent connection to your Xero account! Congratulations!

Test it out by uploading a few invoices and hit the “Send to Xero” button. If not successful, the most common mistake is:

  • For Xero Consumer Key, you have copied and pasted wrongly with the “Xero Consumer Secret” from Xero.