Upload Xero Import Files

EzzyBills supports Xero Import File Upload of sale invoices.  A Xero import file is a csv file (containing comma separated values) that Xero allows you to import. The csv file may be generated when you use third party sale software. Each file contains data of  sale invoices.

To upload, follow steps below:

1) First, login to EzzyBills and explicitly enable “Account Receivable” under the user’s profile (tick the box, then click save).


2) To identify the Customer, Make sure in your Xero account, each client has a valid “Account Number”.

Note: Account Number is the best industry standard to identify a client. It is better than client name or contact name.

sale_invoice_client ID

3) Edit the Xero Import File (using Excel): in the “Reference” column, put in “Client ID: Account Number” (see example below) for each line. Then save the csv file.


4) At EzzyBills, Drag/drop or select the Xero Import File to upload; after uploading, click “Send to Xero”.

5) You may need to go through authentication if you are the first time user of EzzyBills. After that, the export to Xero will automatically complete.

You will find your invoices data in your Xero account, under “Accounts” then “Sales”, then under “Invoices”, in “Draft”. (Tip: click the “open” link on the EzzyBills data processing information window to see the invoice in Xero)

Below is an example of sale invoice exported to Xero using this method.

sales_invoices_from_import file