Purchase order (PO) number extraction

When an invoice is processed by EzzyBills,  the purchase order (PO) number is extracted if available.

Below is an example of it.    ( Click to See More Examples)

The PO number is then stored in Xero in the “Reference” field.  This field contains both invoice number and purchase order number, separated by a pipe (|). See example below. In the reference field for this invoice below, the second number 1438 is the PO number.




PO numbers are extracted based on a combination of default keywords and your Xero invoice history.

If the correct PO numbers are not extracted for some invoices, you may need to do the following:

  • If the PO number is next to some keyword on the invoice, you should add this keyword in EzzyBills (under advanced option, tick “Override Purchase Keywords”, then type in a new one in the  “Purchase Order Keywords” text box. Use comma to separate multiple keywords. Click “Save”.
  • If “Override Purchase Keywords” is ticked and no keywords are provided, EzzyBills will assume that you do not want PO numbers to be extracted.

160419_PO_override PO keywords