Alternative Name for Supplier/Customer


For supplier names in Xero/MYOB contact data, you may prefer to use a short name or descriptive name instead of the long one on the invoice. Generally it is not a problem for EzzyBills. If you put ABN for this supplier in the contact data in Xero/MYOB, we will be able to use it to find the right supplier for you.

However, what if there is no supplier’s ABN on the invoice? Or what if there are multiple suppliers for this same ABN? No problem. EzzyBills uses words matching, matching text on the invoice with the supplier contact/card data you have in Xero/MYOB – company name, email, phone number, and bank details.  This generally does the job.

However in some tricky situations, a text string (i.e. a group of words and numbers) on the invoice is the only clue you have to determine the supplier. No problem, you can put this text string as the alternative name for this supplier in Xero/MYOB.

The above procedures also apply to sale invoices, except that customer ABN and bank details rarely appear on sale invoices.

The alternative name is used by EzzyBills to help identify supplier on a bill or customer on a sale invoice.

Two examples are provided below: example 1 for Xero users, for a supplier; example 2 is for MYOB users.

Example 1 (Xero): 

In this example, there are multiple suppliers in your Xero accounts with similar names. The main differences are their account/supplier number.

  • In the Xero contact, add the “Account Number” field, and type in the alternative name (in this case, the account number; it can be any other unique string that appears on the invoice).

Note: The text string is limited to 100 characters. It is important that this string is unique – as a general rule, it shall not appear on your invoices from other suppliers.

Example 2 (MYOB): 

In this example, there are multiple Customers in your MYOB accounts with similar names. The only difference on the invoices is the account name. In order for EzzyBills to identify the correct customer, you put alternative name in your MYOB card details for the customers, with the following syntax:

  • In the Notes field, under Card Details, on the first line, type in “name: ####“, where #### is the account number (or other unique group of text) that appears on your invoice. The text string is limited to 100 characters.

Example 3 (QuickBooks):

In this example, there are multiple supplier entries in QuickBooks. They are all the same company but for different locations.  In this example, the PO Box address is different. To separate them, enter the data in the “Mobile” field in QuickBooks supplier/vendor data.