How to get correct suppliers

1) Set ABN/GST/VAT number for each of your supplier in Xero.

The ABN/GST/VAT number is the most reliable way to identify a supplier. For Australia, it is ABN number; for New Zealand, it is the GST number; for the United Kingdom, it is VAT number.  Therefore, you shall set ABN/GST/VAT number for your suppliers in Xero Contact (under Financial Details, then Tax), or MYOB Cards, or QuickBooks Supplier data.


(screenshot below shows where to put ABN/GST/VAT number for Australian customers)


2) For invoices without ABN/GST/VAT or the number unreadable or multiple suppliers having the same number, you shall set additional Xero contact data for the supplier.

These additional data including supplier name, bank details, phone number, address, email, and account number.  The key is to have one or two data field matching closely a text string on the invoice.

For supplier names in Xero, you may prefer to use a short name or descriptive name instead of the long one on the invoice. Generally it is not a problem for EzzyBills. If you put ABN/GST/VAT for this supplier in the Xero contact data, we will be able to use it to find the right supplier for you. However, what if there is no supplier’s ABN/GST/VAT on the invoice? Or what if there are multiple suppliers for this same ABN/GST/VAT? No problem. EzzyBills can use other Xero data for your suppliers.

Example 1: use bank details

Add the bank detail, BSB and account number, in your Xero contact, under Financial Details -> Batch Payment.  EzzyBills will extract the bank details from the invoices and find the matching supplier.


Example 2: use “Account Number”

Add an alternative name/clue for this supplier, using the field “Account Number” in the Xero Contact. You can copy a unique string from the invoice and put it in there.  More on how to use this

3) Prevent your company being recognized as a supplier

a. Add my ABN/GST/VAT number in your EzzyBills Settings.

With this, we will not identify your company as the supplier, even if it appears on the invoice.  (My ABN/GST/VAT No. is the ABN/GST/VAT number for your company only. Not that of your suppliers or clients.) It is best to put it in, no space between numbers or in a typical format.

b. Edit your company contact data in your-accounting-software (e.g., in Xero Contact, MYOB Cards, or QuickBooks Supplier Data) to include your business number (i.e. ABN for Australia, VAT for UK, and GST number for New Zealand).

C. Alternative to the steps a and b above, edit the EzzyBills setting for My Company Name   put an exclusion list of Xero Contacts, with comma separating, preventing from being used as a supplier.

4) What to do when the supplier was chosen incorrectly for a specific invoice?

  1. In Xero, edit the supplier that was incorrectly chosen, and make sure it does not contain the ABN/GST/VAT number. If it does, then remove the ABN/GST/VAT.
  2. Make sure the correct supplier contains the ABN/GST/VAT number.
  3. In some cases, (where the ABN/GST/VAT number was not extracted) suppliers are determined via text matching. In these cases it might be necessary to change the supplier name in Xero to more closely match the name on the invoice, or add bank detail (or email, or phone number, or address, or Account Number”) – see section 2) for more details.
  4. You will need to click “Refresh/Learn” in your EzzyBills Settings, so that EzzyBills sees your changes instantly.
  5. Now when you process a new invoice of this supplier, the supplier will be correctly chosen.
  6. Or take advantage of EzzyBills automatic learning (details below)

5) Hi, do you know EzzyBills has automatic learning to supplier name matching? 

If you modified the supplier name on the bill that EzzyBills exported to your Xero, and click Save & Submit for Approval or Approve. On a weekly basis, EzzyBills will learn from it and get it right next time for you.

Please notice that we only add learning if the modified bill is in the folders Waiting for ApprovalWaiting for Payment, or Paid.