Invoice Number Extraction

EzzyBills use artificial intelligence to find invoice number based on training of hundreds of thousands of invoices of various types.

We also use your suppliers’ data and invoice history in your accounting package (Xero, MYOB, or QuickBooks) to help find the correct invoice numbers. The success rate are very high.

If, on a rare case, a wrong invoice number is assigned, all you need to do is: correct this number in your accounting package and save. EzzyBills will do it right next time for invoices from this supplier.   An example is shown below for Xero users.


1. Open the invoice at XERO (tip: click the “Open” link in the EzzyBills invoice processing information window for that invoice).

Type in the correct invoice numbers in the “Reference” box, then click “Save” (as shown below).


2. In your Xero account, make sure the supplier has ABN/GST/VAT number correctly set.


3. Back at EzzyBills, click “Settings” and then click “refresh GL” (if you wish to test another invoice from the same supplier immediately)