Supplier Portal Screenshots

Below are a screenshots of a demo supplier portal in action.
1) Your supplier clicks the supplier portal link you emailed to them previously. They will see a supplier portal, with your company logo (assume your company is “ABCD Pty Ltd”

2) The supplier drags an invoice file to the portal

3) EzzyBills extracts the invoice data and fills the top 4 items

4) The supplier checks and corrects the top 4 items, fills the other required items and an optional item. Then click “Submit”.

5) A message appears in the window. The supplier clicks “Close”.

6)The portal is back to the beginning, ready for another invoice upload.

7)If the portal contains information of your approver email, an email will be sent to that person for approval. (Note: “Approval Workflow” will need to be ticked in the EzzyBills user settings.)