How to customise supplier portal

You can customise your supplier portal, such as

  • to include a company name/logo and
  • ask for more mandatory information, such as email address
  • ask for optional information

Steps below show how this is done.

1.Go to website to convert Query String to JSON:

2. In the text box on the top, copy and paste in the customer information below, to include your company name and/or logo. Then click “Convert”. The JSON will be generated in the bottom text box.

{“portal”: “your portal string“,
“logo_name”:”My Company Name“,
“logo_image”:”your logo image url“}


The “portal” string is  a sub-string of your portal web address between “=” and “&check=1”. For example, if your portal is “″, then your portal string is “1fa32805-21b4-460b-837e-14d77e5e03cf”
Note that the logo image needs to be fairly small in order to appear nicely on the Portal – such as 100 x 50 pixels.

3. Use Notepad, or any other text editor, to replace your standard query string in your supplier portal web address (everything after “?”) by the one generated on Step 2.

Now you have a customised Supplier Portal ready to be embedded on your website or send to your client in an email.

The portal will look like this:

4.  You can also customise the fields where your supplier will input additional data

  • add email and/or bank as required fields from your suppliers; or
  • add approver email in your company
  • add one additional request.
  • (note) all the keywords are set in EzzyBills and cannot be changed, such as “portal”, “logo_name”, “logo_image”, “require_email” …


An example is provided below:
{“portal”: “1fa32805-21b4-460b-837e-14d77e5e03cf”,
“logo_name”:”ABCD Supplier Portal”,
“require_bank”: “True”,
“additional_request”:”add link to your publication”

The portal will look like the image below after the supplier upload an invoice.

  • The supplier will see the top 4 items filled by EzzyBills; however they can correct these items.
  • The email and BankDetails will be required to fill.
  • But “add link to your publication” is optional.