EzzyBills Supplier Portal

EzzyBills Supplier Portal is a widget that you can add to your website or email to your suppliers. This allows them to upload invoices into your accounting package.

The portal allows your suppliers to validate the extracted invoice data prior to submitting. You can also configure it to request any additional information. And if you use the EzzyBills Approval Process, you can specify who should approve the invoice.

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Embed the Portal on your Website or email over to your suppliers   (Setup Supplier Portal)
Your suppliers submit invoices to you via the Portal (by select or drag/drop their invoice files – screenshots)
Suppliers can modify the invoice data.
Effortless, allow customization, work seamless with EzzyBills approval process


To find out more:

Screenshots – supplier portal in action

How to setup a supplier portal

How to customise a supplier portal