Expense Claim

Check out this step-by-step guide below:

Employee Expense Claim with EzzyBills Phone App

Two types of expenses are supported:

  • Expenses paid by employee via a company credit card/bank account, and

These expenses will be treated as Spent Money transactions for company bank accounts in Xero.

  • Expenses paid by employee from personal funds.

The employee will be treated as a supplier. The expenses will be treated as bills, and the employee will be paid via normal bill payment in Xero.

To setup EzzyBills for employee expense claim,

Get all employee to use this – super convenient.

Management Approval 

After EzzyBills receives a receipt from email or EzzyBills phone app,

  • We will send an email to the Approver – your manager (which is nominated in EzzyBills Settings),
  • The manager opens the email, with a button click to approve (no login requirement).

With “Modify” button, your manager can check the amount and modify it if required.

  • The expense will then go to Xero as 1) Spent Money if they were paid by a company card, or 2) as a bill to be paid to an employee.
  • Both the copy of receipt and approval log will be sent to Xero as attachment to the Spend Money or bill.


Note the employee shall be in Xero Contact if the claim needs to be paid. If it does not exist, we will create one (using the Name field in the List of Approvers in EzzyBills Settings). For these contacts, you can set default account codes etc.