Email Upload Extensions (or Aliases) 

When you email document to EzzyBills for processing, you can add an extension to your upload email address (not case sensitive):

Your upload email is;

Upload email extension is in the form

where the extension, yyyy,  can be

  • a standard reserved extension – see explanations below (Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks)
  • last 4 digits of your bank/credit card number in Xero –  Process receipts as Spend Money ((Xero users only),
  • employee name as specified in EzzyBills Settings for expense claim  – Email extension for expense claim (Xero and QuickBooks users only) ,
  • employee name as specified in EzzyBills Settings – Email extension for Approval (Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks)
  • an EzzyBills App name – use EzzyBills Apps via email (Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks)


The standard reserved email upload extensions are 






You will find the list after login, click Settings. They are all used for specifying the document type. See screenshot below.

For example,

  • for processing Purchase Order into Xero as a purchase order, you shall email it to Otherwise, it will be processed as a bill by default.
  • for process Sale invoices, you can set it up in Settings for sale invoices processing, or simply email it to  Otherwise, it will be processed as a bill by default.
  • for process a statement, you can manually upload it to EzzyBills web portal; or email it to Otherwise, it will not be processed, rather stored only in the cloud.

EzzyBills Apps 

Login EzzyBills, click Apps, you will see a list of EzzyBills Apps

  • DownloadHistory:
  • Statement Reconcilation:
  • Add Contacts:
  • Price Check – coming soon
  • Audit Report –  coming soon

The results of submitting these apps will be shown in EzzyBills web portal, each time a new document will be created with a link to download the document/report generated.