EzzyBills, the First invoice processing system that uses Deep Learning.

EzzyBills uses a Deep Learning network with algorithmic weightings. More accurate than a human*.

So how does it work? Let’s consider the invoice below,

“what is the Invoice Number?”.

It might take you a few seconds but eventually you will say 16171742, but why?

The EzzyBills’ Deep Learning Network can find it, because it considers many layers of factors (keywords, the size of the text, the format of the number, its location, …) and has learnt from over 500,000 invoices.

EzzyBills continues to learn everyday from our customers. If they make changes to the invoice data in their accounting software (Xero, MYOB, or QuickBooks), EzzyBills will learn from the changes to inform our invoice data extraction engine to learn from its past and improve upon it.


21072016_deep-learning example2

Our ongoing technical development in Deep Learning will have significant benefits for our clients, enabling them to create customized learning process for their unique sets of invoices. Deep Learning is making EzzyBills even smarter.

(*)  Monthly audits reveal > 99% accuracy.