Get Started Check List


On the EzzyBills side,

  1. Go to and click “Free Trial” button
  2. Go to Settings  (After log in; Mouse over the blue button with your user name and expiry date, click “Settings“. A new window opens up.)

  In the Settings window, for most users, the only things you may need to edit are

– Type in your business’s ABN/GST/VAT number. This is basically an exclusion list. We will avoid identifying business with this ABN/GST/VAT number as  suppliers.  

– Click Check for Duplicates to turn it on.

Click Save  (down to the end of  the Settings window).

On the Xero side (see screenshot below)

1. Add Account Number if you have multiple suppliers with the same ABN/GST/VAT number.


2. Add ABN/GST/VAT number in your Xero Contact in the Tax box, and (optionally) set the Default Account code, Default Job and Bills Due Date.

(ABN/GST/VAT number is unique and we use it to accurate identify suppliers. ABN is used in Australia. GST is used in New Zealand. VAT is used in UK. If this is not provided, we will use name matching.)


Key web links for documentation:

  1. Watch Learning Video
  2. How to get supplier right
  3. FAQ for Xero Users.