Change User Settings

To change user settings,

  • login to your EzzyBills account
  • click Settings on the top menu.
  • Hover your mouse over a setting and a brief description will appear. A user setting can have a big impact, so be careful.
  • Tick on/off the specific user setting (or type in the text box for information)
  • Click “Save Settings“.


Below is an example: turn on “Enable Approval Workflow”. Click it to tick/enable. Four approval Settings appear below:

  • choose one or two approvers;
  • (optional) provide Default Approver Email
  • (optional) provide level-2 Default Approver Email
  • (optional) enable “Approver Learning”



Note that

  • “Advanced Options” and “Change Password” are collapsed. You need to click the arrow to un-collapse the options and then make changes.
  • Please keep the default settings if you are not sure.


Description of simple user settings

  • Location: (This is important. It is required when you sign up a EzzyBills account. You can change it later.)
  • My ABN/GST NO (It is the ABN/GST number for your company only. Not that of your suppliers or clients. It is best that you put it in, no space between numbers or in a typical format. This is used by us to make sure that your company is not chosen as a supplier.)

Default:  empty

  • “Enable Approval Workflow” (When ticked, the invoices will wait for your approval after data extraction – they will not be automatically exported to your Xero account)

Default:  not ticked

  • “Account Receivable” (When ticked, the invoices will be sales invoices, not suppliers invoices)

Default:  not ticked

  •  “Auto Separate” (When ticked, we assume one single file may contain multiple invoices. If one single file will always contain one invoice, this option can be turned off.)

Default:   ticked

  •  “Allow Stock Invoices” (When ticked, we will check the first item in the invoice, if its item code exists in your Xero account, we will export it as stock invoice; if not, we will export is as a normal supplier’s invoice (without item code).  Only tick it if you manage stocks, but fairly safe it is accidentally left on.)

Default:   not ticked

  •  “Invoice Headers Only” (When ticked, we assume you only want the total invoice and GST amount, not individual line items. )

Default:   not ticked

  •  “Check for Duplicates” (When ticked, we will check invoice numbers for duplicates. If a duplicate is found, the invoice will be sent to your Xero account, but marked as “deleted”. An email notification will be sent to you as well.)

Default:   not ticked


Description of some advanced user settings:

  • Detect Accounts Receivable Keyword”  (If this Keyword is supplied, we will use this to automatically determine whether an invoice is a sales invoice. This eliminates the need for you to enable the Accounts Receivable checkbox every time when you process sales invoices . Your bank details are often a good choice.)
  • Your Invoice e-mail: (Your email address where suppliers send their invoices. This is rarely needed. It is only needed when emails are forwarded to EzzyBills and the TO address cannot be extracted.)
  • Default Approver e-mail: (If supplied, and if “Enable Approval Workflow” is on, we will send an approval request to this e-mail address.  More)
  • Refresh/Learn” (when clicked, we will immediately request most up-to-date data from your accounting software. Otherwise, this is done weekly. This is used for many occasions, such as during a testing – after you make changes in your accounting software.)
  • Perform Image Cleanup (This is ON by default. Only applicable for scanned invoices.)
  • Override Purchase Keywords” checkbox (OFF by default. This is used for extracting PO number from invoices. More)
  • Purchase Order Keywords (Keywords use to extract PO number from invoices. We have a set of values. You can provide your list of keywords here.  More)
  • Private Connection (including “Xero Application Name”, “Xero Consumer Key”, and X509 Public Key Certificate. It is rarely used.)