Select invoices and Email for Approve


If it is variable that who in your company are to approve invoices,  this is the option for you. Each time, you can select an approver  and send it out for approval.

Basic steps are:

1. After log in EzzyBills, click “Settings”, tick the “Enable Approval Workflow” user setting (so that invoices will wait for your approval before being exported to your accounting package) and click “Save Settings”.

Click here to see how to change a user setting 


2. Click the EzzyBills top menu, then click “View/Approve Invoices” link at the bottom of the page.  This will open up a separate browser “View” window.



3. In the “View” window,

  • select one or multiple invoices that you want to email to someone for approval (right mouse click an invoice to select), then
  • click “Approve By”.


  • type in the email address, click “Send” (you will see a thumbnail view of the email to be sent)

4. For the email receiver,

  • If approved, a separate browser window will pop up showing the following message. The invoice will now be sent to your accounting package, with the 2 attachments – invoice file and processing record (in notes.pdf).

Also, in your email, the status will change from “Waiting Approval” to “Approved”.



  • If rejected, the invoice will not go into your accounting package.
  • If “Not for me” was clicked, the invoice will go back in the queue and you will need to send to another person for approval.