Default email approval for all invoices


This is the option for you if

  • For single-level approval, if only one person in your company will approve all the invoices , or
  • For two-level approval, a fixed person will do all the level-1 approvals, and another fixed person will do all the level-2 approvals.


Setting Changes:

1. Login to EzzyBills, click Settings (on the top menu), Turn on the “Enable Approval Workflow” option.

2. Type in the Default Approver Email (to which all approval requests will be sent) for level-1 ;

and type in the Level 2 Approval Email if choose “two-level approval”

3. Click “Save Settings“.

2016-09-01-Enable Approval 2


  • After this, each time an invoice is being processed, an email will be sent to the default approvers.
  • The approver can click “Approve” or “Reject” or “Add Note” or “Modify” button in the email.

  • The “Modify” button will allow you to:modify invoice header data, account code, tracking data, add an note, or add additional file. Then click the button Approve the invoice.

Buttons in Email Approval: 

Want to customize the buttons to use? Yes you can. Find out more

Approve: to approve.

The invoice will be then exported to your accounting package.

Reject: to reject.

The workflow ends. The invoice will not be exported to your accounting package.

Not for Me: to change approver.

Allow you to suggest another approver email and EzzyBills will email the new approver; or put the invoice back to the EzzyBills workflow to wait for be assigned to another approver.

More on “Not for Me”

Add Note” or “Modify“: Modify Invoice Data during Email Approval, including

  • modify invoice headers, or
  • add note, or
  • add additional attachment such as delivery docket, or
  • click “not for me”.

More on “Add Note” or “Modify”