Default email approval for all invoices

If only one person in your company will approve all the invoices, this is the option for you.


1. Turn on the “Enable Approval Workflow” option, and then click “Advanced Option” to expand (in the user setting drop-down menu)

2016-09-01-Enable Approval 2

2. Type in the approver’s email address (to which all approval requests will be sent) and click “Save”.

2016-09-01-Enable Approval Default Email


After this, each time an invoice is being processed, an email will be sent to the default approver. The approver can click “Approve” or “Reject” or “Add Note” or “Modify” button in the email.

The “Add Note” button will allow you to add note, to be shown in the EzzyBills log, before approval. click “Add Note” button. You will be able to add notes and then click Approval, or Reject button.

The “Modify” button will allow you to modify invoice header and add notes.

  • If approved, the following message is shown and the invoice data will be sent to Xero/MYOB/QuickBooks.
  • If rejected, the invoice will be rejected and will not be sent to Xero/MYOB/QuickBooks.


  • for security reason, after an action button in the approval email is clicked by the approver, the button in the email will cease to work.